How to Choose the Best Baling Twine for Your Agricultural Needs

Baling twine is a synthetic thread used to tie together several quantities of fibrous material, most notably star or hay. In the past years, baling twine was known to be made out from natural fibres. However, things have changed since then. Now you have options, as baling twine is now available in either natural or plastic materials, plus you can also purchase twines in different colours and even durability. Baling twine- a perfect example of the ideal product you want to have for your agricultural needs.



Natural Fibre Twines


Natural fibres are typically the go-to option for people who are baling hay and straw. However, it can be frustrating if the twine breaks inside the machine while it’s in the middle of wrapping the bales. That is why some people opt for plastic, despite it having downsides of its own.


Baler twine strength is entirely dependent on the type of baler you have, as well as the Baling Twinequantity of hay you’re packing. If the amount of forage is more significant than the overall quality of your twine, breakage is inevitable.  So it’s crucial that your baler twine coincides with the amount of hay you are stacking. Go for high-quality baler twines that can feature a 450 to 500-knot strength. With a stronger string, you can pack more and more fodder without the trouble of it breaking anytime.


Plastic Twines


On the other end, plastic baling twines come in different colours. The reason for the incorporation of colours in baler twines is so that producers and farmers can mark their bales to indicate the date and place of production. When storing hay outside, you should ensure that your twine is sufficientlystabilised for U-V rays so that the heat of the sun doesn’t cause it to break down and your bales falling apart.


Which Is The One For You?

Both natural fibreand plastic twines serve the same purpose. However, each offers a distinct approach that’s different from the other. With this in mind, you should always do some extensive research and weigh in on you and your agricultural needs to make the best decision on which type of baler twine you would want to get. Baling Twine – are not only known for selling high-quality baler twines but are also experts in choosing which type is ideal for you. For more information on baler twines, don’t hesitate to contact them or visit their website.