What to Know About Bicycle Touring

There is a cycling tour for every fit traveller. But to find the ideal cycling tour, you will need to assess what is essential for you. What type of accommodations do you want? What meals do you love? What is your idea of adventure? How do you define comfort? How much personal attention do you need? Do you prefer to cycle alone or as a group? Do you want to make new friends?

Cycle Touring AustraliaAll these questions are valid and will help you decide when shopping for a cycling holiday. A cycling tour is meant to give you a better understanding of what you value – even before you start pedalling.

What is a guided Cycling Holiday?

A guided cycle tour is where a team of experienced guides leads the cyclists, often assisted by a small support crew. The cycling tours will vary in price and quality from luxurious tours with restaurant accommodations to inexpensive camping tours. The cycling trip can range from 2 days to several weeks or months, and the average cycling distance will vary from one company to another. Some companies also offer single day cycle tour guides without means and accommodations.

The difference in prices will depend on costs related to the level of accommodation, meals, luggage handling, bicycle rentals and entrance fee to any historical attractions along the cycling route.

What is a self-guided cycling holiday?

Self-guided cycling trip is a cheaper option when compared to the guided cycling tours and can as well be organised by a company. They provide maps, book accommodation and can arrange for luggage transfer to ensure convenience of the cyclists. Breakfast and dinner are includedby some companies depending on which company you use.

Although you do not have a cycling guide, someone is always available at the other end of the phone in case of emergencies or any mechanical problems.

From the information above, I am sure if you were to choose you will choose the guided cycling tours, and it’s, in fact, the best option since you will ride without anything else to worry. However, you should know that not all cycling companies can offer you the best experience and so when looking for the ideal cycle tourorganiser, be sure to get one that will provide you exceptional services.

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