Common Signs That Tell You Need Orthotics Adelaide

You know them as insoles, inserts, footbeds, or orthotics. However, regardless of what you call them, it’s essential that you understand why you need them. Keep in mind that not everyone has perfect feet. That means almost anyone can benefit from having custom orthotics Adelaide. has a collection of the best orthotic shoes available online. You should contact them if you feel like you don’t have perfect feet and you want to benefit from wearing a custom orthotic sole. There are instances where orthotics helps us more than others. Here’s a list of the common signs that tell you to get orthotics:


  • You’re Standing More Than Five Hours A Day – If you’re a salesperson, military man, or a security guard, then you’d find yourself standing on your feet for more than five hours per day. Too much standing can cause plantar fasciitis, which is an injury to your plantar fascia. Custom orthotics can help alleviate and relieve the stress that you place on your feet from standing all day.


  • You Either Have High or No Arch in Your Feet – If you suffer from low or high arches on your feet, wearing regular shoes may not provide the support that your feet need. Orthotics Adelaide from The helps provide the ample support that your feet need. That way, your feet are well-supported, and you can walk better compared to before.


  • You’re Experiencing Severe Pain in Your Heel Or Foot – This one may sound obvious to many. However, many people avoid the notion that they have foot pain. Instead, they blame it on wearing uncomfortable shoes like high heels. Heel or foot pain, especially when it triggers early in the morning, is a common sign for plantar fasciitis. You should see an orthotics specialist right away.


  • You Just Had an Injury on Your Lower Limb – If you recently suffered an injury to you keep, leg or ankle, it could affect the pressure you put on your feet. This injury will alter the way you walk. Fortunately, custom orthotics can help correct the way you walk and get you walking like before in no time.



Whether you need a primary care provider or orthotics Adelaide, is here to help you with what you need. Our orthotics specialists and professional podiatrists offer expert and compassionate care across Adelaide. Call our hotline now or visit our official website and book an appointment with one of our doctors.