4 Killer Website Copywriting Tips for Better Web Content

Are you wondering why and how some websites can attract customers? It’s not about their products or services, but more on how they present it and market it to people. If you read through the web content of most these websites, you’d notice that their manner of writing texts and are persuasive and can get you hooked to know more about what they offer. This technique is called website copywriting. If you want to become a copywriting Superman yourself and get some people to turn their heads onto your site, then follow these four killer copywriting tips listed below and you’ll become an expert copywriter in no time.


1.) Use Active Voice


Using active voice means the subject of a copy does the action instead of being acted upon. This manner makes your entire copy powerful and compelling. Sentences that follow this structure convey movement, they are easier to understand, and therefore, they are naturally more interesting to read. Here’s an example:


“We formulate our new energy drink to help you work harder and better.”


“The new energy drink formulated by our company can help you work harder and better.”


See how the first sentence isn’t only shorter, but easier to follow? That’s what active voice can do for you. To learn more about persuasive writing, visit our website and talk to one of our copywriting gurus today.


2.) Remember Important Details


A copy that doesn’t contain the important gist is an empty copy. Who, what, when, where, why, and how questions aren’t only for journalism. It’s also a critical aspect of website copywriting. The people reading the article want them because they make your copy legitimate, concrete, and trustworthy.


3.) Learn to Write Compelling Headlines


The headline serves as the first line of text that your target audience will read. Your copy is worthless if your headline isn’t enticing enough to gain the attention of your site visitors. Just like copywriting itself, writing better headlines takes a lot of practice. If you want to be better at it, you can always get help from us.


4.) Make It Skimmable


Keep in mind that internet users are always on the rush. With the plethora of data and information in front of them, they tend to skim down the text to see if it has all the information that they’re looking for. A long copy will not only discourage them from reading but will also take up space on your website with text that isn’t even useful. So, make your copy as short yet comprehensive as you can.



Here are some tips that you can do:


  • Use headings and subheadings
  • Create a numbered or bulleted list
  • Format texts with bold, italic, underline or coloured.
  • Include images, videos, and other forms of media.
  • Write one-line paragraphs
  • Vary your paragraph and sentence length.


These four simple tips and tricks will help improve your website copywriting tips and will take your site to the next level. For more tips and tricks just like this one, contact us today.