Notable Perks of a Split System Air Conditioner

Most of the homeowners that opt for split air conditioner realise how great it is in keeping their home cooler during the hot summer season. The split type of AC is also a cost-effective solution, and it helps to lessen energy cost.


Below are facts about a split air conditioning – that will most likely persuade you to invest in it sooner than later.



Cost vs. Expense


Although, a split conditioner may cost you much amount in the initial purchase, unlike window air conditioner, in the long run, the cost energy while running the split air conditioner will lessen. You may spend only $300 on window type air conditioner but purchasing a split air conditioner needs $3,000 including the charge for installation. You might pay a considerable amount for the initial purchase but think of the benefits that you will enjoy in the long run.




This type was named split air conditioner because it consists of two separate pieces which are the cold and warm unit. It is separated to make the air conditioner more efficient to cool down the air flow through the house.


The installation of a split air conditioner needs a lot of effort since it consists of both indoor and outdoor units. Tubes and ducts attach these units. Installation demands are cutting holes into your home, finding a stable place for the external appliance, and situating the cooling system in a furnace or other areas where it can use the home’s ductwork.


Whole House Cooling


Split air conditioning – is advantageous than window air conditioners because it can cool the entire house. With the use of the existing ductwork in the home, the cooling air is transmitted not only in one room but all over the house. Thus, it makes the cooling more efficient and easier to handle. Plus, each room enjoys the same temperature.


Reduced Energy Bills


You are heating the entire house all at once, thus using multiple air conditioners in each room on a constant basis is not necessary anymore.  The split air conditioner is connectable to a thermostat that will turn the cooling system on and off if the temperature calls for it. Therefore, it will help lessen your energy bill costs which results in more significant savings during the summer season.


Winter Maintenance


When winter season comes, a window air conditioner is very easy to uninstall from your window. On the other hand, if you have a split air conditioner, you must winterise the system to ensure it will still work for the next summer. You can also prepare the outside unit with antifreeze or thermal covering to help with the procedure.


A split air conditioner is like all other appliances and equipment at home that carries both advantages and disadvantages. But in this case, it is evident that the pros overweigh the cons.