What to Know Before Installing a Ducted Heating Unit

If you desire to heat some areas of the house or want a warm comfort through the house, then the most effective, efficient and affordable option is the ducted heating system. Although they are suitable for all climates, they are more useful for houses where the temperature variations between winter and summer months are to the extreme.

The installation of these heating systems is relatively expensive. However, once installed, you will enjoy excellent versatility in the way the house is heated. Below is all that you need about these heating systems.


The ducted system uses a central heating unit, which produces air at very high temperatures. Then, it pumps the air through ducts which are heavily insulated. The conduits can exist under the floor or ceiling and connect to vents that are in different areas of the home. The majority of these heating systems allow control of heat distribution throughout the house using dampers. Dampers are the mechanics that aids in blocking heating ducts, thereby preventing the hot air from flowing to restricted areas of the house. It also means that you can heat specific zones of the house at any given time without heating rooms that are not in use.

Installation requirements

In most cases, the location of the central heating unit is near the home’s centre, on the roof, to prevent the entry of too much noise in the house. Ducts are vented other through the ceiling, wall or the floor, according to users taste. The floor vents are a more sensible option if one is using the system of heating predominantly. It is because by doing so, heat will rise, resulting in the adequate heating of the room.

Energy efficiency

Another critical factor to consider when planning to install a central heating system is efficiency. A ducted system that uses solar power is the most efficient. Another option is the gas ducted system. The reason why gas heating systems are most efficient is that gas is very affordable and friendly to the environment.

Cost of Running

Another factor to consider when installing a heating system is the cost of running the system. The cheapest option is 4 or 5 rated gas ducted heating system. Its cost of running is slightly higher than a space heater that operated using natural gas. Even the price of running a 1 or 2 stars rated gas heating system is about two-thirds of what is required to run an electric heating system. This difference expands as the price of electricity rises.