Applications of Industrial Misting Systems

The use of misting systems for outdoor cooling has become famous around the pool, patio and barbecue area. However, the practice of using misting fans has been a vital part of many industries for decades now. Not only can these systems be used to provide the much-needed cooling, but they can also perform other essential roles some of which are unexpected.

First, when we talk about misting systems, we are talking about high pressure misting that produces fine water droplets. These droplets are as small as 20-30 microns in sizes. The concept of a mister is simple. Water is passed through misting nozzles under high pressure. The pressure is generated by a combination of small pumps as well as the tiny size of the holes in the nozzle. When the water hits the air, it undergoes a process known as flash evaporation, and this evaporative process is what causes a cooling effect.

Misters are used in many commercial fields for different applications. Of the most common use of industrial misting fan – is in greenhouses where misting fans control the temperature as well as the humid levels. Greenhouses fans are set up on a time system to operate at specific times of the day or on a sensor system so that when relative humidity reaches a certain level, the misters will start.

In the food industry, maintaining a constant temperature is critical when it comes to storing specific foods. The humidity level is also critical, and this is where a misting fan comes in. The key aspect of using misting systems is the evaporative flash effect that provides the required humidity level. It is a crucial aspect of an industry where mould growth is a great enemy.

In industries where dust generation is a problem, it is necessary to have an effective dust suppression system. Dust control sprays using misting systems located at different locations around the site generates fine fog that attracts the dust particles and settles them on the ground. The critical factor for the misting system’s success is that the water droplets generated should be of the same size as the particles of dust being suppressed.

As seen above, industrial misting fans have many applications, and therefore you cannot miss having one in your industry. By having these systems, you will not only keep your employees comfortable and safe, but you will as well make your products safe more so if you’re in the agricultural sector.

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