How to Avoid Sump Pump Failures

Every time a heavy rainfall hits an area, people who have low-quality sump pump will feel the pinch. During the worst storms, plumbing companies work around the clock to pump water from basements and crawl spaces. At this point, homeowners pay whatever it takes to help minimize water damages. But you don’t need to go through all these troubles if you have a quality Sump Pump in place. However, pumps are not equal, and therefore you have to be keen when ordering because some old models in the market are very unreliable. Also, as a responsible homeowner, you need to know that even with a high-quality pump, any pump is bound to fail and this article will look at three key causes of pump failure.

Power Outages

When you own a sump pump in place, and the power goes out, you may no longer have a working pump. It is a fact for major power outages common in heavy storms when a fuse blows or even when it accidentally unplugged. If you’re relying on a generator to back up your pump when it loses power, you need to answer the following questions:

* Will I be home during any power outage to start the generator?
* How will I know if the pump is unplugged?
* Does the generator have enough fuel to keep it running until the power from the main grid comes back on?

Unless you have the answers to the above questions, consider adding a battery backup pump system to your waterproofing solution. A good battery will pump at least 7000 gallons of water out of your basement on a single charge and will turn on automatically if the primary pump loses power for any reason.

Pump Failure

If you have a plastic pump, a do it yourself kit or an inexpensive sump pump installed by a plumber, it is just a matter of time before it fails. Most plastic pumps fail due to mechanical failure, but any pump fitted directly in a sump pit without a sturdy and well-built sump liner, and a stand will eventually clog the pump due to debris and dirt from the pit that gets in. If you have a backup pump, you will have peace of mind knowing that in case of mechanical failure, you have a second pump to keep the basement dry.

Pumps Overwhelmed

In a torrential rainfall, your system may be overwhelmed with high volumes of foundation water. In such cases, a single sump pump can be overpowered, and the basement can be flooded. You need to keep your basement safe by installing a reliable backup. In the case of overwhelming rainfall, both pumps can work and protect your home by keeping the basement dry. If you have a battery backup in place, it can turn on in case one of the pumps fails, and it will pick up the slack in case both pumps are overpowered.