The Advantages of Having Louvres Victoria at Home

Choosing the right type of window during the construction of your home is essential. Placing the right window at the property place will help natural light enter your home, maintain proper airflow inside your house, and can even conserve energy. These are the reasons why many people are choosing louvres Victoria. Apart from giving your home a stylish and attractive look, it also ventilates your home naturally.



Louvre windows are similar to louvre doors. The word, ‘Louvre’ is a French term that means a ‘window with a flat sloping piece of wood, glass, or metal across it.’ Louvres Adelaide allows light and air to come once in a while keeping any rainwater from entering. Apart from the ventilation that they provide, louvres Victoria also doesn’t permit any outside vision. At the same time, it also allows free views on your end.


The Louvre Blades

The louvre blades are mostly kept at 45 degrees. The louvre slopes in a downward position to the outside. This purpose is for repelling any rainwater. There are also other varieties of louvres such as the Venetian shutters that can either open or close. Apart from their functionality, they look great and can be fantastic additions to any home. This type of window is commonly recommended for the bathroom. However, it’s also viable in other areas as well where privacy is the primary consideration.


Advantages of Louvres Victoria

  • Louvre windowslet air enter freely; it provides adequate airflow and sunlight even when it’s closed. This type of window also provides sufficient privacy and protection against excessive daylight buildings without affecting ventilation in any way.
  • Louvre windows can be fully opened to the entire width of the window for maximum airflow.
  • Louvres Victoriais very easy to clean and maintain.
  • You can angle the louvre blades to control airflow.
  • Louvres offer 100% natural ventilation for the entire size of the window.
  • Louvres offer energy efficiency as it uses natural ventilation to reduce costs for cooling and heating.
  • Louvres are customisable to give you full control of how much you want the window to be open in various situations.
  • You can clean your louvre from the inside of your house. That way you won’t have to go outside
  • When you’re using timber, aluminium, or obscure glass blades for privacy, the window can be opened slightly to maintain overall privacy.

Louvres Victoria is one of the most popular windows available in the market right now. Try them today by ordering a full set on our website now.